Business service/information diagrams

The business service/information diagram shows the information needed to support one or more business services. The business service/information diagram shows what data is consumed or produced by a business service and may also show the source of information. The business service/information diagram shows an initial representation of the information present within the architecture and therefore forms a basis for elaboration and refinement within phase C (data architecture).

By using "flow" dependencies between  business services and business entities, this diagram represents which kind of entity is used or produced by the services.

This diagram presents the links between business services and business entities.

Three business services are based on four business entities

business-entityBusiness Entity: Describes the semantics of the entities in the business, independently of any IS consideration (e.g. storage, technology, etc.).

business-service-32Business service: Represents a service provided by the business, which may then be realized by one or more IS services.

flow-linkFlow link between data (e.g. business entity, event, product) and active elements (e.g. business process, service)

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